Fork Lift Matting

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Waterhog™ Modular Forklift Mats Specifications


Type: Solution Dyed Polypropylene fibre
Weight: 814 gr/m²
Pattern: Circles
Colour: Charcoal


Backing Type: 100% SBR Rubber (20% recycled content), .100 mils thick

Total Mat:

Tile Size: 120 x 172cm
Weight: 10.5 kg
Height: 6.3mm

Testing Information

Passes Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70
Certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute


• Recommended for all areas where forklifts and heavy traffic travel from outside and into a building
• Exclusive rubber reinforced bi-level pattern effectively removes dirt and water from forklift wheels and stores dirt and moisture beneath wheel level for later cleaning.
• Improve lift truck safety and worker safety by keeping floors clean and dry
• Crushproof reinforced rubber nubs withstand the weight of a loaded forklift—tested up to 6300 kg.
• Scalable modular mats can be laid and arranged to fit any shape or size of area.
• Quick and simple double sided tape installation requires very little downtime, so areas can remain open
• Individual tiles can be lifted and replaced if damaged or otherwise.
• Low profile mat enables smooth transition of forklift over mat and minimises trip hazard for pedestrians
• Quick drying fabric and easy to clean with pressure washer, vacuum or commercial carpet cleaning equipment.



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