Traction Control Slip Testing

Traction Control Slip Testing

Nearly all public space and most work place tiled, laid material or other surface floor will fail a wet slip test. If it’s your floor you are liable.

Q. Who Needs To Organise Regular Slip Tests?

A. Anyone responsible for cleaning, maintenance or health and safety.

Q. Why Should They?

A. Because it’s not an option to check on these issues, it’s a legal requirement (The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 & Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999).

Traction Control will provide Independent, Impartial Floor Testing conducted in accordance with British Standards.

Traction Control will prepare a bound report of the test with basic recommendations.

First Steps – Traction Control Site Survey

How do you measure how clean or safe your building or facility is? Is it by how tidy the place is? Is it just by looking at the floors and surfaces and seeing whether they ‘look’ safe?

Measurable Testing Will Save Money and Time

By using the Slip Alert system TRACTION CONTROL can assess dry and wet floor conditions quickly and produce a report of its condition, together with a recommended course of action when required. Regular testing will also help with your liability insurance from most insurers.

Traction Testing and ROI

Return on Investment is often key to the decision making process in all business decisions.
Our testing system is designed to give repeatable, measurable and accurate results every time ensuring the continued safety of those who use your floor spaces, walkways and corridors.