Waterhog Entrance Matting

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Waterhog™ Classic Entrance Mats

High quality Waterhog Classic entrance mats designed to cope with heavy traffic areas, such as in schools and public buildings. The bi-level construction means that dirt and water fall to the lower level of the mat where it cannot be tracked off further into the building.

Features and Benefits:

A. Unique ridged construction effectively removes and traps dirts and moisture. No other mat in the industry does this as effectively as a Waterhog.
B. Exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing extending product life. This means you won’t have the unsightly ‘worn path’ appearance through the centre of the mat.
C. Anti-static 100% premium polypropylene. Fabric dries quickly and won’t fade or rot. This means that Waterhog mats are safe for use in computer rooms and around electronic equipment.
D. Gripper backing to prevent mats from moving.
E. Water dam system allows the Waterhog Classic mat to hold up to 6.5 litres per square metre, preventing the water from flowing off the mat and minimising damage to your surrounding floors and carpets.
F. Certified Slip Resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.


Face: Moulded reinforced textile. Yarn: Solution dyed polypropylene. Mat Height: 8mm.
Face weight: 24 ozs./sq.yd Backing: SBR Rubber
Size variation: +/- 2%

Sizes available (cm):

61 x 89
89 x 119
89 x 150
89 x 244
114 x 175
114 x 244
114 x 300
178 x 241


Waterhog™ Eco Entrance Mats

Our NEW Sustainable, Waterhog™ Eco Line has a face made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic drinks bottles and a backing made from 15% post consumer recycled tyres

• Heavy Durable Commercial Face Fabric
• Certified Slip Resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute
• Waterhog mats are the toughest and most effective dirt removal mats in the industry.
• Each square foot of an Eco mat uses 4 half litre drinks bottles. A 3×5 mat therefore eliminates 60 bottles from going into landfill.
• Guaranteed against rotting or fading for 5 years
• 4 colours available, free samples on request



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